Stefan Hasler

Grew up on Lake Constance; trained as a pianist, conductor and eurythmist. Active at the Waldorf School Hamburg-Wandsbek; eurythmy school and eurythmy stage Hamburg; professor at the Alanus Hochschule; since 2015 in the Section at the Goetheanum; research work in the fields of tone eurythmy, speech eurythmy, Raffael and eurythmy pedagogy.

Silke Kollewijn

Grew up near Stuttgart, DE. Studied speech formation and acting with Herbert Heinz Friedrich and at the Goetheanum. Speech formation teacher at the Freies Jugendseminar Engen, DE. Worked at the Maison Oberlin, Centre Culturel International, in Alsace, F. Social therapy and cultural work in Eastern Switzerland.  Further training in art therapy, specialising in speech therapy.

From 2004 in the Basel area: activities in curative education, social therapy, speech therapy, speech formation at Waldorf schools, teaching in the trainings Slovowort and AfaP. Artistically active: Mystery drama ensemble Basel, storytelling theatre KlangNuss, speech choir initiative at the Goetheanum, etc. Married, four adult children.

Since 2013, collaboration in the Section for the Performing Arts in the field of speech formation and drama.

She is carried by an interest in everyone who lives and searches globally in their language with speech formation.

Agnes Zehnter

Lecturer in speech formation and speech pedagogy, born 1966 in Frankfurt a.M. (DE). Trained as an educator at the Freie Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik in Stuttgart, as a speech formation worker and art therapist specialising in drama and speech therapy. Worked as a tutor at the Dora Gutbrod School in Dornach for five years. Since 1999 self-employed as an artist, lecturer and therapist. Further training and teaching in rhetoric and conversation.

Hanna Koskinen

Born 1969 in Helsinki. Translation and administrative work in Helsinki. 1989-93 Eurythmeum Zuccoli. Then eurythmy teacher in St. Gallen, Innsbruck and various eurythmy projects. From 2001 assistant in the Section for Social Sciences, from 2011 in the Section for Performing Arts. She is still active in eurythmy projects.

Felix Lindenmaier

Born in Basel. Grew up on the language border with French-speaking Switzerland in an anthroposophical home with an active intellectual, artistic and social life. After grammar school 1 year of speech formation training at the Goetheanum. Violin diploma at the present Bern University of the Arts. Second diploma with main subject Theory at the Music Academy Basel. More than 40 years of teaching experience in professional education at the Hochschule für Musik Basel and at the Freie Musikschule Basel (theory, analysis, methodology, chamber music). In addition, practically musically active as director of various choirs and orchestras, coach of chamber music groups, musical supervisor of eurythmy projects, etc. Lectures, publications. Married to the pianist Elsbeth Lindenmaier. One adult son.

Claudia Kissling

Grew up in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps
Training as a children's nurse
Further training in holistic body therapies
Married, five grown-up children
1987 Training as a storyteller and puppeteer in Germany
Several years of work in educational, artistic and therapeutic fields
Fairy tale courses for children at the adult education centre
Training as a playgroup leader at the Institute for Elementary Education in Dornach with subsequent work in nature education
For 30 years on tour as a puppeteer with a travelling stage in kindergartens, schools and socio-educational institutions
From 2010 member of the Initiative Circle for Puppetry in the Section for the Performing Arts at the Goetheanum

Martina Maria Sam

Born in Hornbach/Odenwald, worked as a eurythmist on the Goetheanum stage, studied German and art history in Basel, did her doctorate on "Faust" in Zurich and worked as an editor in the Complete Edition of Rudolf Steiner´s works. After 15 years leading the Section for Fine Arts at the Goetheanum, today active in editing Rudolf Steiner's letters and with Stefan Hasler in the Eurythmy Research Centre. Research on the biography of Rudolf Steiner. Current publications: Rudolf Steiner. Kindheit und Jugend (Dornach 2018); Rudolf Steiner's Library (Basel 2019).

Johannes Greiner

Johannes Greiner (born 1975) is a pianist, eurythmist, teacher, adult educator and teacher trainer. He works on the executive board of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland and is, among other things, the author of "Es ist alles ganz anders - Beiträge zur Aktualität der Anthroposophie" (Hamburg 2015), "Mensch, ich glaube an dich! Terrorismus – ein Erziehungsproblem?" (Hamburg 2017), "Die Spiritualität der Jugend und ihre Schatten" (Hamburg 2017), "Kunst verwandelt" (2018) and, with Sivan Karnieli, of "Schau in dich, schau um dich – ein Buch zur Eurythmie" (Steinbergkirche-Neukirchen 2016). Since April 2018, responsible for music in the Section for the Performing Arts.

Viola Heckel

Grew up in Bochum/DE. Studied music at the Alanus University, Bonn/Alfter, majoring in recorder, trained in anthroposophical music therapy, Berlin and singing therapy according to Werbeck-Svärdström, trained as a choir director, master's degree. Many years of work in clinical music therapy, as well as tasks as a guest lecturer and artistic projects at home and abroad. Music and singing therapist at the Arlesheim Clinic since 2014. Since April 2018 co-responsible in the Music Collegium of the Section for the Performing Arts at the Goetheanum.