Movement creates mobility – Eurythmy as a source of life

International Conference for Eurythmy - Eurythmy Therapy 2024

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Registration                   3–7 April, 2024

With Performances, Project Courses, Initiatives, Lectures

Today, movement is regarded as an essential prerequisite for health, education and guiding processes of change. Its effect is recognised, studied and lively discussed in medicine, psychology, education, cultural and social sciences. This opens up many new opportunities and possibilities for the application of eurythmy, which we can seize and thus make a contribution to the pressing issues of our time.

The International Professional Conference at Easter 2024 will provide an opportunity to experience, question and explore our central field of work – the eurythmy movement, which is an ensouled, lively and gripping experience – in a new way and to realise it together.

Proven and new forms should provide a suitable framework for this. Meeting as an essential form of movement between people, listening to and empathising with each other and sharing in developments relating to eurythmy, is a central motive for our coming together.

Our fundamental works – the tone and speech eurythmy courses – were given 100 years ago. We want to celebrate this together by looking to our future tasks with vigour and enthusiasm and making the professional conference a place where we can refresh, strengthen and rejuvenate ourselves.

We are looking forward to an intensive time together!

Lina Baimler, Manuela Biesantz, Stefan Hasler, Hanna Koskinen, Ulrike Wendt and Michael Werner

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Support Price: from 800 CHF

Cost-covering Price: 750 CHF

Regular Price: 495 CHF

Reduced Prices: 395/295 CHF

Special Price for Students only: 175 CHF

Dinner (Th/Fr/Sa) can be booked separately (84 CHF)

The lectures will be held in German and translated into English.
We require a minimum number of participants for the following languages:
French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.
If you wish for translation in any other language please enquire from


Les conférences ont lieu en allemand et sont traduites en anglais.
Pour les langues suivantes, nous exigeons un nombre minimum de participants : français, espagnol, italien, russe, japonais et chinois.
Pour toute autre langue, veuillez vous renseigner auprès de


Las presentaciones se harán en alemán y se traducirán al inglés.
Requerimos un número mínimo de participantes para los siguientes idiomas:
francés, español, italiano, ruso, japonés y chino.
Para cualquier otro idioma, diríjase a


Le presentazioni saranno tenute in tedesco e tradotte in inglese.
È richiesto un numero minimo di partecipanti per le seguenti lingue:
Francese, spagnolo, italiano, russo, giapponese e cinese.
La traduzione per qualsiasi altra lingua può essere richiesta presso


Презентации будут проводиться на немецком языке с переводом на английский.
Нам необходимо минимальное количество участников для следующих языков: французский, испанский, итальянский, русский, японский и китайский.
Для любого другого языка, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами:






Die Vorträge finden auf Deutsch statt und werden ins Englische übersetzt.
Für folgende Sprachen setzen wir eine Mindestteilnehmendenanzahl voraus:
Französisch, Spanisch, Italienisch, Russisch, Japanisch und Chinesisch.
Für jede weitere Sprache bitte anfragen bei:

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