Movement creates mobility – Eurythmy as a source of life

International Conference for Eurythmy - Eurythmy Therapy 2024 - Programme draft:

3–7 April, 2024

With Performances, Project Courses, Initiatives, Lectures

Movement is now recognised as a central prerequisite for health, educational processes and social progress. This new understanding of the opportunities and possibilities of movement is something we can utilise and embrace with eurythmy. We look forward to a great variety of contributions, shared experiences and activities and moving encounters!

PROJECT COURSES (9.00-10.30 daily) with
Silke Sponheuer and Michelle Kaplan
Mikko Jairi
Miranda Marggraf and Kjell Häggmark
Sivan Karnieli
Ulrike Wendt
Benedikt Zweifel
Christine van Draanen and Dr. med. vet. Sabrina Menestrina
Rachel Maeder and Noëmi Boeken
Ya-Chih Chan
Galina Slutsch
Babette Hasler, Barbara Stuten, Sabine Eberleh, Geoffrey Norris
Katrin Kellenbenz
Dorothea Mier
Carola Adam-Roettig
Jan Ranck
Ingrid Hermannsen
Michael Werner und Christiane Hagemann

SALUTOGENESIS - What do I need now? (afternoon 15.15-16.15)
     Guided Tours
Everybody organizes themselves:
     Piece/Being allone/Thinking about the themes
     or: Conversations with the Colleagues 

2. April 2024, 10-18, Day with different themes:
4 Meetings about these themes:
     Research on "Apollonian Course", Stefan Hasler
     Book presentation Eurythmy Therapy, Norman Kingeter/Rob Schapink
     The Spoken Word as audible Eurythmy, Sabine Eberleh/Babette Hasler/
     Geoffrey Norris/Barbara Stuten        
     Quint, Reinhild Brass/Margarethe Kokocinski
Open Working meeting: Forum Arts, Ulrike Wendt and others
Working meetings of these groups:
     IPEU / EUKI
     Berufsverband Deutschland
     Berufsverband Schweiz

More information will follow.