Impulses for Conference

As preparatory team for the International Conference sound and speech – the wonder of movement – dimensions of transformation, we would like to warmly invite you to join us at this event!

This conference wants to give space to all colleagues from the mentioned professions to develop a suitable approach to the topic and to enable the participants to meet in many different ways!

Guided by this impulse we would like to describe our questions and approaches to you:

Pedagogical Eurythmy
Eurythmy in Social Work Fields

Michael Werner: In pedagogical eurythmy with children and young people the aim is to make the power of sounds and speech directly experienceable in eurythmy movements. How do pupils succeed in grasping the dimensions of the effectiveness of the sounds, regenerating them and making them visible together with others? What role do language, mother tongue, foreign language and the special "language of spatial forms" play in this? How can this subject be expanded in a contemporary way, especially in the age of digitalisation and lack of movement, and how can new activities be developed? The professional and collegial exchange of ideas should become a central source of inspiration and ideas.

Contact for questions and suggestions about Pedagogical Eurythmy and eurythmy in social work fieldsat the

Eurythmy Therapy

Hana Adamcová: In eurythmy therapy the transformation of artistic eurythmy into therapy is fundamental. How do we have to change the approaches so that the effect penetrates into the structure of the organs? How can the effectiveness of the individual sounds be experienced, understood and applied in therapy? On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of eurythmy therapy – which we would like to celebrate in particular at the conference – these questions are more relevant than ever. Answers can be sought both generally and specifically for various areas of therapeutic eurythmy.

Contact for questions and suggestions about eurythmy therapy at the conference:

Speech Formation

Agnes Zehnter: Hopefully, we transformative speakers will be able to work together with our colleagues in eurythmy at this conference to further discover the essence of the individual sounds. What conditions are necessary for a sound to develop? What does it mean to be artistically active in one's mother tongue? What does it mean to move one's constitution towards another language through artistic activity? Which practise steps, which experiences and professional experiences open up new dimensions of effectiveness for me? What can poetry do that music, for example, cannot? How can the listening space be increased in the interplay of music and language?

Contact for questions and suggestions on speech formation at the conference:

Stage Eurythmy

Ulrike Wendt: In stage eurythmy the question of effectiveness is always connected with the question of how a common space for eurythmy, language and audience can be created. For this we want to consider as many levels of effectiveness as possible: What relationship do sound and language have in stage effectiveness, between the speaker and the mover? What special language lies in silent eurythmy? What treasures can be discovered in the special indications of Rudolf Steiner? For the workshops as well as for the two evening performances contributions dealing with the above mentioned questions are welcome! Of particular interest would be contributions from teams of speech artists and eurythmists who wish to make the diversity of (language)relationships and their impact the theme of their work. As we want to give space to many ideas and presentations, the duration of contributions is limited.

Contact for questions and suggestions about stage eurythmy at the conference and artistic contributions:

Conference in general

Stefan Hasler: What is a speech sound? Which dimensions were opened up by Rudolf Steiner more than a hundred years ago? How can a harmony between the Word of the world and my movement in space be created through my movement in such a way that one speaks? Who is speaking? And how do I open myself for this spiritual quality in the sensory? – We deal with the gestures of sound every day. What do we actually hold in our hands there, and how can we help each other to access the power of these beings?

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Hanna Koskinen

We would like to organise the conference in such a way that as many encounters and exchanges as possible take place. For this purpose there are open forums, presentations, workshops, courses, lectures, market places, demonstrations and performances.

The program is still in development and it would be wonderful if as many people as possible could find a place in it. Contact us if you have any ideas, questions, suggestions and contributions! We are interested in everything you have to offer and wish you to be actively involved in the conference!

Hana Adamcová (for eurythmy therapy), Stefan Hasler (sections leader), Hanna Koskinen (sections secretary), Ulrike Wendt (for stage projects) Michael Werner (for eurythmy pedagogy and eurythmy in social fields of work) and Agnes Zehnter (for speech formation)

At the moment we are in an exceptional situation. Many things, almost everything is different than usual, and the world after the corona crisis will be a different one. We do not yet know how and what will develop and what each of us will be called upon to do. But one thing seems certain to us: This world will continue to need, or perhaps even more so, what is available in our arts as true potential. And that is why we, as the preparatory team, would like to invite you all especially now very warmly to our International Conference.