SPIELRAUM at the Goetheanum

a new drama initiative

translated by Christa Macbeth with Sigune Brinch

Since it's creation, the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland has been - among other things - a home for the Performing Arts, as inspired by Anthroposophy. The building contains two very big stage-spaces for performing, as well as numerous rehearsal spaces. But since 2011, the drama group of the Goetheanum ceased existing as a result of economic crisis.

However, Drama and Eurythmy cannot be expected to be economically independent. They have to be subsidized, and they break even at best. And yet it is our deep conviction that it is art that is at the forefront of the struggle for our humanity, to remain human, to become a human being. We want to help ART flourish.

Drama shall again have a permanent place at the Goetheanum. That was the conclusion of a group of stage artists - who were invited by Stefan Hasler (section leader for the performing arts) to join in conversations about the future. At the end of those conversations, we decided to deal constructively with a situation that seems to be determined by a lack of finances. Our idea: the Goetheanum would provide us with a space and in-house infrastructure; while we will assume the financial risk and seek external financial support. As far as the content of our work is concerned, we will work independently, following our own initiatives, as well as in cooperation with the leadership of the Section and the Stage. We have taken the first steps to establish that drama as such is permanently represented at the Goetheanum. On the one hand, the task will be to organize and coordinate our work, and on the other to interact with the other Sections: to understand their needs, to recognize questions that we share, and to create a basis for other colleagues to take initiatives. At this time Isabelle Fortagne-Dimitrova and Angelina Gazquez take this on, in close cooperation with the section for the performing arts. Supporting this are all of us: twelve very individual performers from the ensembles of the Mystery Dramas and the most recent production of Faust, both of which have a long history of being presented on the main stage of the Goetheanum for many years.

Katja Axe, Isabelle Fortagne-Dimitrova, Angelina Gazquez, Fabian Horn, Christina Kerssen, Anne-Kathrin Korf, Jens Bodo Meier, Andrea Pfaehler, Christian Richter, Catherine Ann Schmid, Marcel Scialdone and Barbara Stuten: the team SPIELRAUM


Videoclip from Spielraum ad-hoc Theater

1. public reading rehearsal 11th december 2018

Program 1-2019


For further info in English, Italian, Spanish, French please contact Angelina Gazquez, mail: spielraum.a.gnoSpam@gmail.com or whatsapp / threema +49 1522 3251657