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International Conference for Eurythmists, Eurythmy Therapists, Creative Speech Artists and anyone interested

Speech – Movement - 2nd - 6th April 2018

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Newsletter 1 about the International Conference in April 2018

Wolfgang Held in conversation with Michael Werner and Stefan Hasler:

In six months time 700 eurythmists, eurythmy therapists and speakers arrive at the Goetheanum for a professional Conference. Each month we focus on this (hopefully) great meeting – this time with Stefan Hasler (left)‚ and Michael Werner (right) from the preparatory group, whom I have asked about the meaning of the meeting.


Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Dramas Around the World

Performing, Experiencing & Exploring Destiny Community
July 21–25, 2018

Summer Conference for every interested person, with English translation



NEWSLETTER 2 about the International Conference in April 2018

Wolfgang Held in conversation with Ulrike Wendt

I recently met Ulrike Wendt, a member of the group organising the upcoming conference for professional eurythmists and speech artists, at an event with the performance artist Hansjoerg Palm. I had heard that she has joined the group preparing the conference because she is particularly interested in the subject of eurythmy and speech. 

It became evident a short while ago at the Solo-Duo festival that eurythmists tend to prefer moving to music. She considered it courageous to be devoting a whole conference entirely to speech, including the evening performances, and was reminded of Traces of Blood, a dramatic project for the stage that she and Dorothea Maier had created: «We were told that it would not work without music, but in fact it did.»


Newsletter 3 about the International Conference in April 2018

Wolfgang Held in conversation with Angelika Jaschke

I was speaking recently to Angelika Jaschke at a conference in Bochum, Germany, that was about developing public influence, Oeffentlich Wirken (Being in the Public Eye): Angelika is responsible for eurythmy therapy at the Movement - Speech conference for professional eurythmists and speech artists that will be happening in April at the Goetheanum.    

Eurythmy therapy will be playing an important role at the professional conference in 2018 because as eurythmy therapists we are almost always using language and speech, but not in the conventional sense, when the focus is on understanding the words, but on the cosmic dimension of speech and language, its being.

I asked her what it means to her that native speakers of so many languages will be gathering in one place:


International Graduate's Meeting of the Eurythmy trainings, with Speech and Drama Trainings

25th - 28th June, 2018

With performances on:
Monday, 25th June
Tuesday, 26th June
Wednesday, 27th June
Thursday, 28th June