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International Conference for Eurythmists, Eurythmy Therapists, Creative Speech Artists and anyone interested

Speech – Movement - 2nd - 6th April 2018

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Newsletter 1 about the International Conference in April 2018

Wolfgang Held in conversation with Michael Werner and Stefan Hasler:

In six months time 700 eurythmists, eurythmy therapists and speakers arrive at the Goetheanum for a professional Conference. Each month we focus on this (hopefully) great meeting – this time with Stefan Hasler (left)‚ and Michael Werner (right) from the preparatory group, whom I have asked about the meaning of the meeting.


Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Dramas Around the World

Performing, Experiencing & Exploring Destiny Community
July 21–25, 2018

Summer Conference for every interested person, with English translation



NEWSLETTER 2 about the International Conference in April 2018

Wolfgang Held in conversation with Ulrike Wendt

I recently met Ulrike Wendt, a member of the group organising the upcoming conference for professional eurythmists and speech artists, at an event with the performance artist Hansjoerg Palm. I had heard that she has joined the group preparing the conference because she is particularly interested in the subject of eurythmy and speech. 

It became evident a short while ago at the Solo-Duo festival that eurythmists tend to prefer moving to music. She considered it courageous to be devoting a whole conference entirely to speech, including the evening performances, and was reminded of Traces of Blood, a dramatic project for the stage that she and Dorothea Maier had created: «We were told that it would not work without music, but in fact it did.»